Civil Engineering MCQ

You might be preparing for competitive examinations or college entrance examination. You can now solve thousands of civil engineering MCQ questions for competitive exams with a couple of clicks. Electricalvoice have a collection of thousands of civil objective questions. These multiple choice questions are generally asked in the recruitment examination and college entrance examination. This page is categorized into several topics so that anyone can find a topic of their choice easily. Electricalvoice website has tried their best to provide civil engineering objective questions and answers on the same page for the ease of the person.

Usually, students find objective type questions in civil engineering competitive exam. The Electricalvoice website has created an online question bank in civil engineering so that anyone can solve multiple choice questions easily. Hope this section on civil engineering MCQ for competitive exam will boost your preparation for competition. Bookmark this page for future updates.

Building Material MCQ

  1. Bricks MCQ
  2. Cement MCQ
  3. Concrete MCQ
  4. Glass MCQ
  5. Lime MCQ
  6. Paint MCQ
  7. Plastic MCQ
  8. Rocks MCQ
  9. Stones MCQ
  10. Timber MCQ – Wood-Based Products MCQ
  11. Varnish MCQ

Environmental Engineering MCQ

  1. Air Pollution MCQ
  2. Disinfection of Water MCQ
  3. Grit Chambers MCQ
  4. Imhoff Tank MCQ
  5. Noise Pollution MCQ
  6. Noise Pollution Control MCQ
  7. Oxidation Pond MCQ
  8. Sand Filter MCQ and Rapid Sand Filter MCQ
  9. Sedimentation Tank MCQ
  10. Septic Tank MCQ
  11. Sewers MCQ
  12. Sewer Construction MCQ and Sewer Design MCQ
  13. Sewerage System MCQ
  14. Sludge Treatment and Disposal MCQ
  15. Sources of Water MCQ – Wells MCQ – Tubewells MCQ
  16. Trickling filters MCQ
  17. Wastewater Treatment MCQ
  18. Water Distribution System MCQ
  19. Water Quality MCQ
  20. Water Softening MCQ
  21. Water Treatment MCQ

Strength of Materials MCQ

  1. Hooke’s Law MCQ and Stress-Strain Curve MCQ
  2. Stress MCQ
  3. Strain MCQ
  4. Strain Energy MCQ
  5. Young’s Modulus MCQ
  6. Poisson’s ratio MCQ
  7. Bulk Modulus MCQ
  8. Modulus of Rigidity MCQ

Geotechnical Engineering MCQ

  1. Void Ratio MCQ
  2. Porosity MCQ
  3. Degree of Saturation MCQ

Hydraulic Machines & Hydropower Engineering MCQ

  1. Hydropower Engineering MCQ
  2. Hydraulic Turbines and Jets MCQ
  3. Hydraulic Pumps MCQ | Centrifugal Pumps MCQ

Highway Engineering MCQ

  1. Hill Roads MCQ
  2. Road Construction Equipment MCQ
  3. Road Maintenance and Repair MCQ
  4. Road Construction MCQ
  5. Road Construction Material MCQ
  6. Road and Highway Survey, Development and Planning MCQ
  7. Roads and Highways Geometric Design MCQ
  8. Traffic Engineering MCQ

Docks and Harbour Engineering MCQ

  1. Docks and Harbour Engineering MCQ

Tunnel Engineering MCQ

  1. Tunnel Engineering MCQ

Airport Engineering MCQ

  1. Airport Engineering MCQ

Bridge Engineering MCQ

  1. Culvert MCQ
  2. Bridge Engineering MCQ

Railway Engineering MCQ

  1. Indian Railway MCQ
  2. Geometric design of Railway Track MCQ
  3. Railway Points and Crossings MCQ
  4. Railway Signaling MCQ
  5. Railway Sleepers MCQ
  6. Railway Track Laying and Maintenance MCQ
  7. Railway Track Material MCQ

Fluid Mechanics MCQ

  1. Barometer MCQ
  2. Buoyancy and Floatation MCQ
  3. Cavitation MCQ
  4. Centre of Pressure MCQ
  5. Orifice Meter MCQ | Orifice and Mouthpiece MCQ
  6. Manometer MCQ
  7. Notches MCQ
  8. Piezometer MCQ
  9. Pitot Tube MCQ
  10. Venturimeter MCQ
  11. Weirs MCQ