Glass MCQ – Building Materials

1. Normally the tensile strength of glass varies between

  1. 28 kg/cm2 to 56 kg/cm2
  2. 280 kg/cm2 to 560 kg/cm2
  3. 2800 kg/cm2 to 5600 kg/cm2
  4. 28000 kg/cm2 to 56000 kg/cm2
Answer. b

2. Bullet proof glass is made of thick glass sheet sandwiched by a layer of

  1. Stainless steel
  2. Steel
  3. Chromium Plate
  4. Vinyl Plastic
Answer. d

3. The glass articles, after manufactured, are to be cooled down slowly and gradually. The process of slow and homogeneous cooling of glass articles is known as

  1. Blowing
  2. Annealing
  3. Spinning
  4. Rolling
Answer. b

4. The glass which is required for computer revolution?

  1. Crete glass
  2. Vital glass
  3. Borate glass
  4. Rubbed glass
Answer. c

5. Shielding glass consists high content of

  1. Lead oxide
  2. Manganese dioxide
  3. Tin oxide
  4. Cobalt oxide
Answer. a

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