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Electrical Wiring Color Code

The main reason behind the coloring of electrical wires is to identify the purpose of using them, only by looking at them. It is very important to use the right wire in every connection of electrical wiring. It gives safety, efficient use, and also increment in durability. The commonly used colors in electrical wiring are … Read more

Wind Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

Wind energy is a renewable source of energy and nowadays it is used for the generation of electricity around the world. Wind turbines are utilized for the conversion of wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. The Wind blows the blades of the turbine, which is attached to a rotor. The rotor’s rotation causes the generator … Read more

Types of Electrical Wiring

In the field of electrical engineering and electricity, electrical wiring plays a vital role. The transportation of electricity is done through the wiring. Hence, it is necessary to learn and understand electrical wiring thoroughly. Electrical wiring is the distribution of electricity and electrical power efficiently. The path required for the electricity to flow is provided … Read more

Difference between C and Java

At every workplace or even at schools we hear the word coding frequently. Any person can learn to code today at the comfort of their home. It is beneficial for every child to have at least a little bit of experience in coding. Coding is now important because our technology is steadily progressing and the … Read more

Difference between HTML and CSS

Hey there reader! Ever wondered how you can read this article? Or how this article has been created and made available on this webpage? This is made possible using HTML or hypertext markup language, which is a standard markup language for creating Web Pages. Using HTML our web browser displays our web pages. With HTML … Read more

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