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Smoke detector vs Smoke alarm

People often confuse between the two terms i.e. smoke detector and smoke alarm. It is very important to install these devices in a house/building to protect from an unexpected event of a fire. The confusion between the two is obvious. These might sound similar but there is a difference between them. Let us what is … Read more

Smoke detector vs Fire alarm

A fire in a home is uncommon. But if it occurs, it can cause heavy destruction and loss of life. There are many causes due to which a fire can break in a home/building. Some major causes are short-circuiting fault, careless smoking, electrical appliance failure, candles, cooking equipment failure. If it occurs in the building, … Read more

How to trim trees yourself?

Have you ever had to trim a tree branch? Some people do keep this to possums out of their trees. But most of the time the trimming is necessary when the tree branches are touching the electrical line, or you just want to get more sunlight onto your backyard. Well, this article is about how … Read more

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