What is an AC Bridge? | Applications

AC Bridges are those circuits which are used for the measurement of unknown resistances, capacitance, inductance, frequency and mutual inductance. AC bridges operate with only an AC source. These bridges are very convenient and give the accurate result of the measurement. The construction of these bridge is very simple. Figure 1 shows an AC bridge. … Read more

Q-Meter – Working & Applications

Q-meter is an instrument designed for measuring Quality factor (Q) of a coil as well as for the measurement of inductance, capacitance, and resistance of an electric circuit at radio-frequency. Q-meter is also known as RLC meter. What is Quality factor of the coil? The ratio of the inductive reactance to the effective resistance of … Read more

Voltmeter–Ammeter Method for Measuring Medium Resistances

In this article, we’ll learn voltmeter-ammeter method for the measurement of the medium resistances. As the name of the method suggests, we are having ammeter and voltmeter in this method to measure the resistance of the resistor. There are two possible connections while measuring the medium resistances by this method. We’ll discuss both the connections … Read more

What is a Geiger Muller Counter | Working

Nuclear radiations emitted by disintegrating nuclei cannot be sensed directly. Indirect methods are employed to detect them. The Geiger Muller Counter is a radiation detector that is used for detection and measurement of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. The other radiation detectors are Ionization chamber and scintillation counters. The Geiger Muller (GM) tube consists of … Read more

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