Advantages and Disadvantages of pH Meter

A pH meter is an essential tool in many scientific and industrial settings, as a solution’s pH can significantly impact its properties and behavior. Some advantages of using a pH meter include its ability to provide highly accurate and precise measurements, its ability to measure pH over a wide range, and its versatility in being … Read more

Recording Instruments – Examples

Recording instruments are those instruments that record the continuous variation in magnitude of an electrical quantity with respect to time. OR The term recording instrument refers to an instrument that captures data or variations in electrical quantities over time. There are both analog and digital recording instruments available. The instrument is used in environments where … Read more

14 Types of Test Instruments Used to Test Electronic Equipment

Utilizing test equipment and instruments to test electronic equipment is vital to ensuring that the equipment functions well. These tools are critical to developing, designing, and producing effective electronic equipment. Electronic equipment can sometimes fail due to age or not being made properly, so test tools can ensure it’s ready to sell or is still … Read more

Difference between Current transformer and Potential transformer

Current transformer and Potential transformer are the types of instrument transformer. An instrument transformer is a special type of transformer that is used in the measurement of high voltage and high current, not allowing measuring instruments to come in direct contact with high voltage circuits. Potential transformer is also known as voltage transformer. In this … Read more

What is an AC Bridge? Applications

AC Bridges are those circuits which are used for the measurement of unknown resistances, capacitance, inductance, frequency and mutual inductance. AC bridges operate with only an AC source. These bridges are very convenient and give the accurate result of the measurement. The construction of these bridge is very simple. Figure 1 shows an AC bridge. … Read more

Q-Meter – Working & Applications

Q-meter is an instrument designed for measuring Quality factor (Q) of a coil as well as for the measurement of inductance, capacitance, and resistance of an electric circuit at radio-frequency. Q-meter is also known as RLC meter. What is Quality factor of the coil? The ratio of the inductive reactance to the effective resistance of … Read more