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Avalanche Diode | Symbol, Characteristics & Applications

Like Zener diode, avalanche diode is a semiconductor diode that operates especially in the reverse-biased region. It is a type of PN junction diode having the same symbol as the Zener diode. The avalanche diode is designed in such a way that it can withstand the avalanche breakdown without being damaged by the suddenly and … Read more

Varactor Diode | Symbol, Characteristics & Applications

Varactor diode is a type of PN junction diode that behaves as a variable capacitor under varying reverse-biased voltage applied to its terminals. It shows this capacitive effect under reverse biased condition only. It has two terminals i.e. anode and cathode. It is also known by other names such as tunning diode or voltage variable … Read more

PIN Diode | Symbol, Characteristics & Applications

Pin diode is a type of diode that has p-type and n-type semiconductor material sandwiching an intrinsic layer. The intrinsic layer is a layer of undoped semiconductor material. This is the structural difference between a normal PN junction diode and a PIN junction diode. Like PN junction diode, ‘P’ refers to the positive p-type region, … Read more

Differential Amplifier | Working & Applications

A differential amplifier is an op amp circuit which is designed to amplify the difference input available and reject the common-mode voltage. It is used for suppressing the effect of noise at the output. Since the noise present will be having the same amplitude at the two terminals of the op-amp. So when the difference … Read more

Non Inverting Amplifier | Applications

A non inverting amplifier is an operational amplifier circuit which produces an amplified output signal which is in phase with the input signal. Non Inverting operational amplifier Figure 1 shows the basic non-inverting operational amplifier. The input signal Vi is applied directly to the non-inverting terminal while one side of resistor R1 is connected to the inverting … Read more

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