Difference between Zener breakdown and Avalanche breakdown

The diode is a unilateral electronic device. It has two terminals termed – Cathode and Anode. When the diode is forward biased i.e., the anode is kept at a higher potential than the cathode, then ideally, the diode acts as a short circuit (zero resistance) and a large current will pass through it even if … Read more

Difference between Proton and Neutron

Proton and neutron are the particles that are found at the center of an atom and both particles comprise the nucleus. Apart from electrons, protons and neutrons form the nucleus of an atom. In this article, we will discuss what is the difference between proton and neutron. Difference between Proton and Neutron in tabular form … Read more

Avalanche Diode | Symbol, Characteristics & Applications

Like Zener diode, avalanche diode is a semiconductor diode that operates especially in the reverse-biased region. It is a type of PN junction diode having the same symbol as the Zener diode. The avalanche diode is designed in such a way that it can withstand the avalanche breakdown without being damaged by the suddenly and … Read more

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