Single Phase Half Wave Uncontrolled Rectifier with R Load

In this article, we will see the analysis of Single Phase Half Wave Uncontrolled Rectifier with Resistive (R) Load as shown in Figure 1. Vs is supply and ‘is‘ is the source current. VD and ‘iD‘ is the diode voltage and current respectively. Vo and ‘io‘ is the load voltage and current respectively. Vs = Vmsin(ωt) Step-1: … Read more

Thyristor Protection or SCR Protection

For the normal working of Silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), the operating conditions should not exceed SCR’s specified ratings. But practically, the SCR may be subjected to abnormal conditions such as overvoltages, overcurrent, high dv/dt, high dI/dt and excessive heating. This may lead to the SCR to work abnormally and may cause unwanted turn-on or permanent … Read more

Switches | Types & Characteristics

A switch is an electrical component that can “make” or “break” an electrical circuit. A switch mainly works with ON and OFF mechanism. Types of Switches 1. Ideal Switch 2. Practical Switch Ideal Switch 1. It should have zero resistance or zero voltage drop in ON state and infinite resistance or zero current during OFF … Read more

Power Electronics: Introduction & Applications

Power electronics is a combination of two main branches of engineering i.e. power and electronics engineering. Power engineering deals with the generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electric energy at high power level whereas electronic engineering deals with the production, transmission, and reception of signals & data at the low power level. Power engineering machines/apparatus … Read more

Power Quality and Related Issues

Power quality refers to maintaining the near sinusoidal waveform of power distribution bus voltages and currents at rated magnitude and frequency. Power quality describes the extent of variation of the voltage, current, harmonics, and frequency of the power system. The poor power quality effects industrial competitiveness drastically and thereby impedes our efforts to turn into … Read more

Comparison of Thyristor, MOSFET & IGBT Devices

  S.No. Characterisitics Thyristor MOSFET IGBT 1. Type of Device Minority carrier Majority carrier Minority carrier 2. Rating very high Voltage, very high Current Medium Voltage, high Current high Voltage, high Current 3. Switching frequency low very high (~ MHz) high (~ 100kHz) 4. On-state drop low higher (increasing) low 5. On-state losses low considerable less … Read more

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