Mechanical Engineering MCQ

Looking for basic mechanical engineering MCQ questions. You can now solve thousands of mechanical engineering MCQ questions for competitive exams absolutely FREE. Electricalvoice’s website has a collection of thousands of mechanical objective questions. These multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are generally asked in the competitive examination and college/university entrance examination. This post is broken into several topics so that mechanical engineering students can find a topic of their choice easily. Electricalvoice website has tried their best to provide mechanical engineering MCQ with answers on the same page for the ease of the person.

Usually, students find objective-type questions in mechanical engineering competitive exams. The Electricalvoice website has created an online question bank in mechanical engineering so that anyone can solve multiple choice questions easily. Hope this section on mechanical engineering MCQ for competitive exam will boost your preparation for competition. Bookmark this page for future updates.

Theory of Machine MCQ

  1. Belt Drive MCQ and Pulley MCQ
  2. Brakes and Dynamometer MCQ
  3. Cam and Follower MCQ
  4. Chain Drive MCQ
  5. Clutch MCQ
  6. Gears MCQ
  7. Gear Drive MCQ
  8. Governor MCQ
  9. Gyroscopic Effect MCQ and Gyroscopic Couple MCQ
  10. Flywheel MCQ
  11. Mechanical Vibration MCQ
  12. Ropes MCQ

Production Technology MCQ

  1. Cutting Fluid MCQ
  2. Grinding MCQ and Grinding Wheel MCQ
  3. Metal Cutting MCQ and Cutting Tools MCQ