Brakes and Dynamometer MCQ

1. The principal object of a brake is to

  1. balance the energy
  2. give energy
  3. absorb energy
  4. none of the above
Answer. c

2. The brake commonly used on train boggies is

  1. band brake
  2. band and block brake
  3. shoe brake
  4. internal expanding
Answer. c

3. The brakes commonly used in railways trains is

  1. shoe brake
  2. band brake
  3. band and block brake
  4. internal expanding brake
Answer. a

4. For a simple band brake whose maximum tensile stress of band material is known then maximum tension is

  1. $T_1=\sqrt{\sigma wt}$
  2. T1 = σw2t
  3. T1 = σ2wt
  4. T1 = σwt
Answer. d

5. Which of the following brakes is commonly used in motor cars?

  1. Band Brake
  2. Shoe Brake
  3. Band and Block Bake
  4. Internal Expanding Shoe Brake
Answer. d

6. Anti-skid subsystems are applied to

  1. hands brakes
  2. front brakes
  3. parking brakes
  4. rear brakes
Answer. b

7. Which types of brakes are mostly used in heavy motor vehicles?

  1. Mechanical type
  2. Electrical type
  3. Hydraulic type
  4. Air-operated type
Answer. d

8. Most anti-skid devices are employed on

  1. rear brakes
  2. front brakes
  3. secondary brakes
  4. parking brakes
Answer. b

9. Reduction in the coefficient of friction of the brake is called as

  1. Brake fade
  2. Brake bleeding
  3. Brake binding
  4. Friction fade
Answer. d

10. Brake binding can occur when

  1. the brakes are not used excessively only
  2. parking brake is unreleased only
  3. poor contact is achieved between brake lining and the drum
  4. All of the above
Answer. b

11. Dynamometer is a device, which is used to measure

  1. Speed of machine
  2. RPM of a machine
  3. Weight of the machine
  4. None of the above
Answer. d

12. Rope brake dynamometer uses

  1. oil as lubricant
  2. water as lubricant
  3. grease as lubricant
  4. no lubricant
Answer. d

13. Which of the following is an absorption type of dynamometer?

  1. Prony brake
  2. Rope brake
  3. Epicyclic train
  4. Both a and b
Answer. d

14. Dynamometers are

  1. force measuring device
  2. torque measuring device
  3. power measuring device
  4. energy measuring device
Answer. c