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Welcome to this open and free electrical engineering website Electricalvoice.com. The website covers entire aspects of the subject related to electrical, electronics, control, instrumentation and computer engineering discipline. It contains information from the general audience to the post-graduation level.

This website is created to provide study material and notes for the students of diploma, graduation and post-graduation level students. This website also plays a vital role in getting extra knowledge beyond textbooks and theory. Materials on this site are written in lucid and understandable language.

This website has a team of engineers, students, teachers and mentors from various universities. The articles are written after research from various information collected from different sources like standard books, journal papers, magazines, reputed internet websites, and universities lectures.

We want Electricalvoice.com to be a platform to learn things related to Electrical, Electronics, Control, Instrumentation and Computer Engineering.

Thanks to all of my readers and friends to love this website.


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