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Electricalvoice.com is a free online platform to learn stuff related to Electrical, Electronics, Control, Instrumentation and Computer Engineering. It has been started with the purpose of helping students in understanding the engineering subjects’ basics.

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You can be a part of this mission by contributing your knowledge to others. You can write articles on topics related to the following engineering branches.

  • Electrical Engineering
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  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Power Engineering
  • Computer Engineering

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Reasons to contribute to electricalvoice.com

1. This website has a targeted audience in the above engineering domains around the globe. The major audience is from the United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Japan, UAE, Egypt, Canada, Malaysia. Hence your work will be exposed to students/faculties worldwide.

2. This website provides quality articles; published after a quality check (e.g. plagiarism, grammar, etc.). It is better than Quora in terms of article quality.

3. Authors get full credit for the article. It will be there a lifetime with your name.


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