Electrical Engineering MCQ

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Electric Circuits MCQ | Network theory MCQ

  1. Ohm’s law MCQ
  3. Basic electrical concepts MCQ
  4. Circuit Elements MCQ
  5. Electromagnetic induction MCQ
  6. Mutual induction MCQ
  7. Magnetic circuits MCQ
  8. Capacitor MCQ | Capacitance MCQ
  9. Series and Parallel Resonance MCQ
  10. Electrical quantities unit MCQ
  11. Electrical laws MCQ
  12. Network Graph Theory MCQ
  13. Maximum Power Transfer Theorem MCQ
  14. Millman’s Theorem MCQ
  15. Norton’s Theorem MCQ
  16. Reciprocity Theorem MCQ
  17. Superposition Theorem MCQ
  18. Tellegen’s Theorem MCQ
  19. Thevenin’s Theorem MCQ
  20. Two-Port Network MCQ

Power Systems MCQ

  1. Underground Cables MCQ
  2. Circuit Breakers MCQ
  3. Corona Effect MCQ
  4. Electrical Distribution System MCQ
  5. Transmission Line MCQ
  6. Power generation and economics MCQ
  7. Hydro Power Plant MCQ
  8. Nuclear Power Plant MCQ
  9. Thermal Power Plant MCQ
  10. Diesel Engine Power Plant MCQ
  11. Gas Turbine Power Plant MCQ
  12. Economic Load Dispatch MCQ
  13. Overhead Line Insulator MCQ
  14. Per Unit System MCQ
  15. Fault Analysis MCQ
  16. Skin Effect MCQ & Proximity Effect MCQ
  17. Protective Relay MCQ
  18. Electrical Earthing MCQ
  19. Electrical Wiring MCQ
  20. Fuse MCQs and HRC fuse MCQ
  21. Sag and Tension MCQ

Electrical Machines MCQ

  1. Transformer MCQ
  2. Auto Transformer MCQ
  3. 3-Phase Transformer MCQ
  4. Instrument Transformers MCQ
  5. DC generator MCQ
  6. DC motor MCQ
  7. Single Phase Motor MCQ
  8. 1-phase induction motors MCQ
  9. Alternator MCQ
  10. Synchronous motor MCQ
  11. 3-phase induction motor MCQ
  12. Electromechanical energy conversion MCQ
  13. Hysteresis Motor MCQ
  14. Repulsion Motor MCQ
  15. Universal Motor MCQ
  16. Stepper Motor MCQ
  17. Servo Motors MCQ

Power Electronics MCQ

  1. Power semiconductors diodes and transistor MCQ
  2. SCR MCQ | Thyristor MCQ
  3. Uncontrolled Rectifier MCQ
  4. Uni-junction Transistor (UJT) MCQ
  5. Phase Controlled Rectifier MCQ
  6. Chopper MCQ
  7. Inverter MCQ
  8. Cycloconverter MCQ

Electrical and Electronic Measurements MCQ

  1. Measuring Instruments MCQ
  2. Energy Meter MCQ
  3. Bridges MCQ
  4. Instrument Transformers MCQ
  5. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope – CRO MCQ
  6. PMMC Instrument MCQ
  7. Moving Iron Instrument MCQ
  8. Potentiometer MCQ
  9. Ammeter MCQ
  10. Voltmeter MCQ
  11. Wattmeter MCQ

Analog Electronics MCQ

  1. Oscillators MCQ
  2. Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) MCQ
  3. Multivibrators MCQ
  4. Feedback Amplifier MCQ
  5. Field effect transistor MCQ
  7. Semiconductor MCQ
  8. Semiconductor diode MCQ
  9. Passive filters MCQ
  10. Modulation and Demodulation MCQ
  11. Data Transmission MCQ

Digital Electronics MCQ

  1. Boolean algebra MCQ
  2. Digital Electronics MCQ
  3. Analog to digital converter & Digital to analog converter MCQ
  4. Number systems MCQ
  5. Logic gates MCQ
  6. Digital instruments MCQ
  7. 8085 microprocessor MCQ
  8. Latches, Flip-flop, and timers MCQ

Utilization of Electrical Energy MCQ

  1. Electric Heating MCQ
  2. Electric Drives MCQ
  3. Illumination MCQ
  4. Electric Welding MCQ
  5. Electrical Tariff MCQ
  6. Electric Traction MCQ

Electrical Engineering Materials MCQ

  1. Magnetic Materials MCQ

Signals and Systems MCQ

  1. Convolution MCQ
  2. Fourier Series MCQ
  3. Fourier Transform MCQ
  4. Laplace Transform MCQ
  5. Z-Transform MCQ

Electromagnetic Fields MCQ

  1. Electric Field MCQ
  2. Coordinate Systems and Vector Calculus MCQ
  3. Electrostatic Fields MCQ
  4. Magnetostatic Fields MCQ
  5. Maxwell’s Equation MCQ
  6. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation MCQ

Control Systems MCQ

  1. Block Diagram Reduction MCQ
  2. Signal Flow Graph MCQ
  3. Concepts of Stability MCQ
  4. Time Response Analysis MCQ
  5. Routh Hurwitz Criterion MCQ
  6. Compensator MCQ
  7. P, PI, PD, PID Controller MCQ
  8. Root Locus MCQ
  9. Bode Plot MCQ
  10. Polar Plot MCQ | Nyquist Plot MCQ
  11. State Space Analysis MCQ
  12. Controllability and Observability MCQ
  13. State Transition Matrix MCQ
  14. Tachometer MCQ | Tachogenerator MCQ

Communication Systems MCQ

  1. AM Transmitters and Receivers MCQ
  2. Amplitude Modulation MCQ
  3. Angle Modulation MCQ
  4. Data Transmission Schemes MCQ
  5. Information Theory and Coding MCQ
  6. Pulse Modulation MCQ

Engineering Mathematics MCQ

  1. Matrices MCQ (Inverse, Determinant, Transpose, Trace, Types of matrix)
  2. System of Linear Equations Matrix Method MCQ
  3. Rank of Matrix MCQ
  4. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors MCQ
  5. Newton Raphson Method MCQ
  6. Simpson Rule MCQ
  7. Trapezoidal Rule MCQ
  8. Bisection Method MCQ
  9. Euler Method MCQ
  10. Runge Kutta Method MCQ
  11. Partial Differential Equations MCQ
  12. Probability MCQ
  13. Statistics MCQ