Hydro Power Plant MCQ

1.  The objective function to the optimization problem in a hydro-thermal system becomes

A. minimize the fuel cost of thermal plants

B. minimise the time of operation

C. minimize the water availability of hydro-generation

  1. Only A
  2. Only B
  3. Only C
  4. A, B and C

Answer. a

2. In a hydro-power station, a surge tank is provided to

  1. Increase the supply of water
  2. Control the water flow in the turbine
  3. Reduce the diameter of the penstock
  4. Control pressure variation in pipes due to sudden load variations

Answer. d

3. Which of the following is a high head turbine?

  1. Pelton turbine
  2. Francis turbine
  3. Kaplan turbine
  4. Propellar turbine

Answer. a

4. Pelton wheel is

  1. a high head turbine
  2. a medium head turbine
  3. a low head turbine
  4. is not a type of turbine

Answer. a

5. In a medium or high- head hydro-electric power station, a surge tank is provided to

  1. Reduce the length of the penstock pipes
  2. Augment water at the forebay
  3. Control the pressure variations in the penstock pipes due to sudden load changes
  4. Control the water flow through the turbines

Answer. c

6. Francis turbine is a/an ………

  1. Reaction turbine
  2. Impulse turbine
  3. Friction turbine
  4. Friction and impulse turbine both

Answer. a

7. The part of the hydel power plant which takes water from valve house to turbine is

  1. Penstock
  2. Forebay
  3. Tail race
  4. Spill way

Answer. a

8. With reference to hydropower station, the graphical representation of discharge and time is known as

  1. Hydrograph
  2. Hectograph
  3. Laod duration curve
  4. Laod curve

Answer. a

9. Which of the following pair is NOT correctly matched?

  1. Impulse turbine – Pelton wheel turbine
  2. Impulse turbine – Propellar turbine
  3. Reaction turbine – Kaplan turbine
  4. Reaction turbine – Francis turbine

Answer. b

10. Among the following which is/ are the base load power station/plant?

  1. Hydroelectric
  2. Biogas
  3. Diesel
  4. Pumped storage
  1. only 1, 2, 3
  2. only 4
  3. only 4, 3
  4. only 1, 2

Answer. d

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