Hydro Power Plant MCQ

31. Orifice plates have

  1. coefficient of discharge which is typically about 0.6 and loss of head of about 60-70%.
  2. coefficient of discharge which is typically about 0.95 and loss of head of about 10%.
  3. coefficient of discharge which is typically about 0.6 and loss of head of about 10%.
  4. None of these

Answer. a

32. Installed capacity of Micro Hydel power plants is about

  1. 2000 kW
  2. 100 kW
  3. 15000 kW
  4. 6000 kW

Answer. b

33. High Head Power Plant has _____ turbine as common prime mover.

  1. Francis
  2. Pelton Wheel
  3. Kaplan
  4. Kaplan/Pelton Wheel

Answer. b

34. Which type of Hydel Power Plants can be used as both base and peak load plants?

  1. Run-off-river plants with pondage
  2. Run-off-river plants without pondage
  3. Storage type plants
  4. Pumped storage plants

Answer. c

35. Spillways are constructed for

  1. Solar energy plants
  2. Gas based plants
  3. Hydro plants
  4. Thermal plants

Answer. c

36. The hydro generators (HG) and steam turbines (ST) run at _____ speeds respectively.

  1. High speeds and low speeds
  2. Both have high speeds
  3. Low speeds and high speeds
  4. Both have low speeds

Answer. c

37. In power systems the governors are generally used as an essential part of all types of turbines to control the

  1. Voltage phase angle
  2. Reactive power output
  3. Frequency
  4. Voltage magnitude

Answer. c

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