Hydro Power Plant MCQ

21. For the same power output, operating charges are minimum in a

  1. gas turbine plant
  2. hydro power plant
  3. thermal plant
  4. nuclear plant

Answer. b

22. Francis and Kaplan turbines fall under the category of

  1. impulse turbine
  2. reaction turbine
  3. axial flow
  4. impulse and reaction combined

Answer. b

23. The annual depreciation of a hydro power plant is about

  1. 5-10 %
  2. 0.5-1.5 %
  3. 10-20 %
  4. 25-30 %

Answer. b

24. Kaplan turbine is

  1. Inward flow, impulse turbine
  2. Out ward flow, reaction turbine
  3. A high head mixed flow turbine
  4. Low head axial flow turbine

Answer. d

25. Low head plants generally use

  1. Pelton turbines
  2. Francis turbines
  3. Kaplan turbines
  4. both (a) and (b)

Answer. c

26. The following generating station has the minimum running cost

  1. Diesel power station
  2. Nuclear power station
  3. Hydroelectric power station
  4. Thermal power station

Answer. c

27. In order to have maximum power from a Pelton turbine, the bucket speed must be

  1. Equal to the jet speed
  2. Equal to half the jet speed
  3. Equal to twice the jet speed
  4. None of the above

Answer. b

28. The power output from a hydro-electric power plant depends on

  1. Head, type of dam and discharge
  2. Type of dam, discharge and type of catchment area
  3. Type of draft tube, type of turbine and efficiency of the system
  4. Head, discharge and efficiency of the system

Answer. d

29. A boiler at home is switched on to the AC mains supplying power at 230 V, 50 Hz. The frequency of instantaneous power consumed is

  1. 0 Hz
  2. 50 Hz
  3. 100 Hz
  4. 150 Hz

Answer. c

30. The maximum continuous power available from a hydroelectric plant under the most adverse hydraulic conditions is known as

  1. base power
  2. firm power
  3. primary power
  4. secondary power

Answer. b

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