Difference between Analog and Digital Circuits

Electronics engineering is one of the popular domains of engineering. We can not imagine our modern society without electronics. Whether it is your television, smartwatch, or the device on which you are reading this article, are all electronic products. Some devices such as a lamp, fridge, air conditioner, music player, audio recorder, etc. have electronics … Read more

Difference between Encoder and Multiplexer

In combinational circuits, we deal with the devices whose output depends solely on the present inputs and not on the past inputs. Logic gates, encoder, decoder, multiplexer, demultiplexer are examples of such combinational logic circuit elements. Here we are going to discuss Encoder and Multiplexer. They have a few things in common such as, both … Read more

Difference between Multiplexer and Demultiplexer

Digital electronics consists of combinational circuits and sequential circuits. Combinational circuit elements are the ones whose output depends on the present inputs and do not depend on the past inputs. Logic gates, decoder, encoder, etc. are examples of the combinational circuit element. Here, we are going to discuss two of such circuit elements. Multiplexer and … Read more

Difference Between Analog and Digital Signal

A signal is a time-varying entity that carries some information from source to destination. Signals can be of many types such as electrical signal, sound signal, light signal, etc. In electronics, communication, and electrical engineering, we care about the electrical signals the most. For transmission of any other signals, we first need to convert them … Read more

Difference between Latch and Flip flop

In digital electronics, we classify circuits into two primary types which are – combinational circuits and sequential circuits. In the case of combinational circuits, the output depends only on the present input. Whereas, in the case of the sequential circuits, the output depends on the present input as well as the past output(s)/input(s). Due to … Read more

Boolean Algebra Rules & Laws

Boolean algebra is a set of rules which are used to simplify the given logic expression without changing its original functionality. So in this article, we are going to learn about Boolean algebra. The Boolean algebra was invented by George Boole; an English mathematician who helped in establishing modern symbolic logic and whose algebra of … Read more

What are Sequential Circuits?

In Sequential Circuits, the present output depends on the present input as well as past output(s). It consists of a combinational circuit and memory elements. A block diagram of a sequential circuit is shown in Fig.1. It consists of a combinational circuit to which storage or memory elements are connected to form a feedback path. … Read more

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