Invertibility & Inverse System

Invertible System The system is invertible if by observing the output, we can determine its input i.e. we can construct an inverse system that when cascaded with the given system, as shown in figure1, yields an output equal to the original input of the given system. The inverse system ‘undoes’ what the given system does … Read moreInvertibility & Inverse System

Time-Varying & Time-Invariant Systems

Time-Invariant System The system is time invariant if the behaviour and characteristic of the system are fixed over time. In other words, a system is said to be time invariant if a time shift in the input signal causes an identical time shift in the output signal. It means that  for continuous time if x(t) → y(t), then x(t-to) → y(t-to) … Read moreTime-Varying & Time-Invariant Systems

Linear and Non-Linear Systems

Linear System A system is said to be linear if superposition principle is applicable to the system. Superposition Principle The response resulting from several input signals can be computed as the sum of the responses resulting from each input signal acting alone. Let x1(t) and x2(t) be the two inputs. The corresponding responses/output are y1(t) … Read moreLinear and Non-Linear Systems

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