Sample and Hold Circuit Working

In this article, we will learn about Sample and Hold (S/H) Circuit. These circuits are used in Analog to Digital (ADC) conversion and Switched Capacitor filters. Sample and hold circuits are used to sample an analog signal and to store its value for some length of time (for digital code conversion). Function of Sample & Hold … Read more

Digital and Analog Quantities

When you read about circuits, you must come across terms analog and digital. Generally, electronic circuits can be analog circuits or digital circuits. Digital electronics involves quantities with discrete values, & analog electronics involves quantities with continuous values. Let see the definition of the terms analog and digital. Analog quantity The quantity that has continuous values … Read more

Difference Between Asynchronous and Synchronous Counter

  S.No. Asynchronous Counter Synchronous Counter 1. All flip-flops are not clocked simultaneously. All flip-flops are clocked simultaneously. 2. Output of first flip-flop drives the clock of the second flip-flop, the output of second drives the third and so on. there is no interconnection between an output of one flip-flop and clock of next flip-flop. … Read more

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