Difference Between Asynchronous and Synchronous Counter


S.No. Asynchronous Counter Synchronous Counter
1. All flip-flops are not clocked simultaneously. All flip-flops are clocked simultaneously.
2. Output of first flip-flop drives the clock of the second flip-flop, the output of second drives the third and so on. there is no interconnection between an output of one flip-flop and clock of next flip-flop.
3. The settling time of asynchronous counter is cumulative sum of individual flip-flops. The settling time of synchronous counter is equal to the highest settling time of all flip-flops.
4. It is also known as a serial counter. It is also known as a parallel counter.
5. Its design and implementation are very simple. Its design and implementation become tedious and complex as the number of states increases.
6. It is slow in speed as compared to synchronous counter. It is faster in speed as compared to asynchronous counter.


Hence these are the basic differences between the asynchronous counter and synchronous counter.

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