Difference Between CFL and LED Bulbs


1. Stands for Light emitting diode. Stands for compact fluorescent light.
2. Efficiency is high. Efficiency is low compared to LED.
3. The effective cost for long term use is less. The effective cost for long term use is more.
4. LEDs are substantially smaller as compared to CFL. CFLs are substantially longer as compared to LED.
5. The electrical power used for 6-8 watts LED is equal to 60 watts bulbs. The electrical power used for 13-15 watts CFL is equal to 60 watts bulbs.
6.  Its cost is very high as compared to CFL.  Its cost is less as compared to LED.
7. More durable than CFL less durable
8. Its size is small. Its size is high.
9. LED remains cool for a long time. CFL gets heated quickly.
10. LEDs do not need extra components, like the ballasts. CFL need extra component, ballasts.


Hence these are the basic differences between the CFL and LED Bulbs.

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