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Comparison of Steam & Hydroelectric Power Plant

The comparison of steam power plant with hydroelectric power plant is given in the following table.

Points Steam Power plant Hydroelectric Power plant
1. Initial cost per kW in ₹ Initial cost is lower than those of hydroelectric & nuclear power plant (1000 to 1500). Initial cost is very high because of dam construction & excavation work (1500 to 4000).
2. Running cost Higher than hydroelectric & nuclear plant because of the requirement of the huge amount of coal. Practically Nil since no fuel is required.
3. Cost of fuel transportation Maximum because of the huge amount of coal is transported to the plant site. Nil
4. Maintenance cost Quite high as a skilled operating staff is required. Quite low
5. Transmission & distribution cost Quite low as these are generally located near the load centres. Quite high as those are located quite away from the load centres.
6. Fixed cost per annum (interest) on capital 13% 10%

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