How to Save on Electricity Bill?

Why should we ever pay more on electrical bills than what is necessary? Everyone likes to save some money. That is why people are adopting new ways to save money on energy bills in the wake of ever-increasing energy charges. Luckily, you can control your electricity expenditure by making a few adjustments in your electrical … Read more

Electrical Resistance | Resistor materials

The property of a material that opposes the flow of current through it, is called electrical resistance or simply resistance. The symbol of resistance is shown in the fig. 1. Practically, the electrical components that offers certain opposition (resistance) to the flow of current in the circuit is known as resistor. Fig. 1(b) shows some … Read more

Difference Between Ground and Neutral

Ground or earth in a main (AC power) electrical wiring system is a conductor that exists primarily to help protect against faults and which in normal operation does not carry current. Neutral is a circuit conductor that may carry current in normal operation, and which is usually connected to earth. In-house wiring, it is the … Read more

Permittivity of a Material

Permittivity of a Material The permittivity is the property of the material which shows the development of an electric field in the presence of an external electric field. In other words, It is the ability of the material to develop the electric field in the presence of an external electric field. It is represented by the … Read more

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