40+ Devices that use Capacitors

Capacitors are electronic components that store electrical charge and are commonly found in many devices. This article will see the list of devices that use capacitors. List of Devices that use Capacitors Some examples of devices that use capacitors include: Cellphones: Capacitors are used to filter signals and store charge in the phone’s power supply. … Read more

List of 25 Applications of Capacitors | Uses of Capacitors

Capacitors are electronic components that store electrical energy as an electrical charge. They are widely used in a variety of electronic circuits and devices for a range of applications. Let us see the different applications of capacitors. Applications of Capacitors Some typical applications of capacitors include: 1. Filtering: Electronic circuits often use capacitors to filter … Read more

Flexible PCB Applications

The printed circuit board, which is commonly referred to as the PCB, is one of the very wonderous elements of modern technology. Printed circuit boards have been playing versatile roles in various power and electrical sectors. They are treated as a significant asset in this modern era of globalization because of their contributions towards technological … Read more

What is Earthing Grid or Earthing Mat? Design and Importance

An earthing grid is made up of a number of rods connected together by copper conductors. Earthing grid is also known as the earthing mat. It looks like a mesh of conductors. The purpose of earthing grid is to reduce the overall grounding resistance. It also helps in limiting the potential gradient. It is a … Read more

What is Electrical Earthing? Types, Objectives and Advantages

Electrical Earthing means connecting non-current-carrying parts of electrical equipment or the supply system’s neutral point to the earth so that electrical energy can be discharged immediately and safely. Earthing is accomplished by connecting installation parts to electrical conductors or electrodes buried in the soil. This contacting arrangement is known as the earthing. In this article, … Read more

What is an Electrical Control Panel?

An electrical control panel is a versatile system to distribute electricity safely. In simple words, an electrical panel is just like a human body. Just like a human body has organs, an electronic panel has several electric devices in a metal box containing control panel extensions for machinery. The Control panels help control and monitor … Read more

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