What is an Electrical Control Panel?

An electrical control panel is a versatile system to distribute electricity safely. In simple words, an electrical panel is just like a human body. Just like a human body has organs, an electronic panel has several electric devices in a metal box containing control panel extensions for machinery. The Control panels help control and monitor … Read more

A Quick Guide To Ferrite Bead Inductor

Electronic circuits ‌make use of ferrite bead inductors for filtering purposes. These inductors are made of ferrite bead, a choke used to minimize or eliminate high-frequency electromagnetic interference and generate a clearer signal in a circuit. It works similar to a low-pass filter that allows only low-frequency signals to pass through a circuit. When these … Read more

Ferrite Magnet – Is It The Right Choice For Your Industrial Applications?

Ferrite Magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, are a suitable alternative to natural magnets. These magnets are used in electronic devices & industrial applications across the world. They are found in over 70% of all the products that require a magnet for smooth operation. Two common reasons for their growing demand are cost-effectiveness and superior … Read more

What are Magnetic Plates? Types and Applications

Magnetic Plates are separators used to extract ferrous particles and small tramp iron, such as nuts, bolts, nails, bits of wire, etc. from free-flowing materials to protect the machinery from any potential damage. They help to enhance the production process by removing these particles. These plates can be installed in ducts, sputs, feed trays or … Read more

Different Types of Inductors and their Symbols and Applications

Inductors are passive components that are used to store energy in the form of magnetic energy in power electronic circuits. The inductors oppose any change in the current flow that passes through them. When the current in the inductors changes, they either gain the charge or lose it to match with the current flow. The … Read more