What is an Electrical Control Panel?

An electrical control panel is a versatile system to distribute electricity safely. In simple words, an electrical panel is just like a human body. Just like a human body has organs, an electronic panel has several electric devices in a metal box containing control panel extensions for machinery. The Control panels help control and monitor a mechanical process.

What is the Purpose of an Electrical Panel?

Electrical panels are very important for any manufacturing equipment. These panels help keep an orderly check on machinery and achieve multiple mechanical goals.

Every business dealing in machines needs proper electronic control panels. These panels help maintain control over industrial equipment that meets different mechanical objectives. In addition, many industries may have panels built to their specifications.

Electronic panels help in finding faults, any adjustments, and also performing any electrical safety testing using various control panel extensions. It is a closed metal box with two main parts: the panel structure and the electrical components.

Structure of Electrical Control Panels

The structure of an electronic control panel is like a combination of an enclosure and a back panel. It is similar to a breakbox used in homes and offices.


The enclosure is a metal box of different sizes, mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum. There are components inside them that act as a barrier between machinery hazards. The enclosure must be strong enough to offer protection, and it also needs to withstand the impact of heat, vibrations, and other problems.

They are known as the body of the electronic control panel. It safeguards many components inside the panel, which helps act as a barrier between the harmful substances and people working outside the panel.

The enclosure size is very important as small enclosures will have higher density and are more prone to overheating. Many companies usually do not like to fit large metal boxes occupying a large space. Therefore, you should know what kind of enclosure will suit you; then, you can see that there is proper wiring around metal boxes and no wasted space.

Choosing the right size panel can help determine if there is any wiring problem or defect in the machinery.

Circuit Breaker

Electric currents pass through the control panel through the entire circuit breaker. A circuit Breaker is a device that helps disconnect the main electrical panel in case of any short circuit or any other hazardous things that can result in a big fire.

Power Distribution Systems

One of the main tasks of every electronic control panel is limiting the number of switches and other sensing devices used to regulate the machines’ electricity. In addition, there is an arrangement done through these systems, which helps distribute power through various components in the electronic panel.

Back Panels

The back panel is a metal sheet installed inside the enclosure. These ducts help wires while also controlling electrical devices inside.

It also supports the rail mounting and wiring ducts, which helps restrict the movement of the machines and allows them to remain in the right position in the inner part of the enclosure.

The panel is an enclosure that controls the electronic process of the machine. There are mainly three types of electric panels out there, such as:

Power Control Center Panel

The power control center panel assists the electrical switchgear. The main circuit breaker provides power to the control switchgear. In addition, this circuit breaker helps in closing down the power.

Motor Control Center Panel

Multiple electric motors are mainly used for industrial applications. It is the reason for being mostly for being used in various electrical power industries is required. Moreover, it can control the motor during the entire process of generation to production.

Automation Panel

An automation panel is a switchgear that automatically controls and switches loads of machinery. It is one of the most important and efficient kinds of control panels that are generally used in various industries. Therefore, this panel is important for any industry.

Summing up

Electrical control panels are crucial for any industry as they need to be carefully installed with the requirements of your business and machines. They are not only important for the safety of not your machinery but also the people working on it.

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