How to Save on Electricity Bill?

Why should we ever pay more on electrical bills than what is necessary? Everyone likes to save some money. That is why people are adopting new ways to save money on energy bills in the wake of ever-increasing energy charges. Luckily, you can control your electricity expenditure by making a few adjustments in your electrical systems and appliances or following some simple tips.

Top 6 Tips to Save on Electricity Bill

Here are some of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce your electrical bills.

1. Replace Lighting with LED

You can save up to 40% of your energy bills by switching to LED lighting. LED lighting is an inexpensive and affordable way of reducing your electricity consumption. LED lights are almost five times more energy-efficient than standard bulbs. Moreover, LED bulbs are relatively durable as compared to traditional options.

led bulb save electricity bill

Due to advances in technology, LEDs’ prices have come down considerably, making them quite affordable. Your electrician can quickly replace the lighting with LEDs to reduce your electrical bills from day one.

2. Unplug and Turn off what is not required

It will help if you unplug all the electrical appliances even when you don’t use them. According to the latest research, plugged devices keep consuming electricity in small quantities. 

You should also turn off lights and appliances when nobody is using them. There is no point in letting the TV or music system continue to play when nobody is watching or listening to them. Also, ensure to switch off fans, ACs, Chimneys, exhaust, and any such device when not in use.

3. Replace appliances when more than 10-15 years old

Old household appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators may be the main culprit behind your hefty electrical bills. When such devices are older than 10-15 years, their technology becomes obsolete, and it costs too much to continue using them.

According to ADCElectric, modern electric appliances with energy star ratings can save 10-20% of operating costs than their older counterparts. Once you identify old devices, replace them with new ones at the earliest. It will add up to a more considerable amount of savings in your electrical bills.

Ensure that you buy appliances with an energy star rating. Consult your electrician about energy efficiency ratings and for choosing suitable appliances.

4. Inspection of appliances and electrical systems

An experienced and licensed electrician can inspect your electrical system and appliances for efficiency and safety. Even new devices can be using excess electricity due to some malfunctions. 

5. Automation

It would be best if you considered automating your electric systems. You can install electrical systems to switch off lights automatically when everybody moves out. It can also adjust the thermostat or shut off the air conditioners or heating systems to save energy. 

6. Consult your electrician

Get in touch with the local electrician for more tips. An experienced master electrician can offer timely advice. He can initiate required repairs and installations that can save you a lot of money on electrical bills.

electrician save electricity bill


These are some of the effective ways to save money. The basic idea is that when you use less, you end up paying less. Use relevant tips to ensure reduced electricity consumption. Also, consider repairing or upgrading appliances or using automation to plug the deficiencies in the existing systems.

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