Types of Electrical Wiring

In the field of electrical engineering and electricity, electrical wiring plays a vital role. The transportation of electricity is done through the wiring. Hence, it is necessary to learn and understand electrical wiring thoroughly. Electrical wiring is the distribution of electricity and electrical power efficiently.

The path required for the electricity to flow is provided by electrical wiring. Wires or cables are used as conducting materials.

The materials mainly required for the electrical wiring are conducting wires or cables, switches, loads such as bulb and other electric appliances, socket, ceiling roses, etc. Plug gives connectivity when it is needed. Holders are also required for the holding of bulbs.

There are so many points which are needed to be focused on before the installation of the wiring system. The life of installation should be known to the users for a profitable wiring system. The safety and maintenance cost and repairing should be noted beforehand. Also, the wiring should be chosen according to the environment in which it is to be installed.

The electricity provided by the grid is used in homes, offices and also in industries. The provided electricity is transported in the whole building using electrical wiring. The wiring system gives the connections of different appliances to the supply within the buildings. There are many methods of electrical wiring which can be used in household activities, even for industrial purposes.

The electrical wiring is used in a wide range and according to the uses, the methods of wiring are:

1. Domestic wiring: it is the method used in residential buildings. The loads used in this wiring are light, fans, refrigerator, washing machine, AC, heater, etc.

2. Commercial wiring: this method is used in shopping malls, theatres. Here, the loads are like loads of domestic wiring but used in great quantity.

3. Industrial wiring: In industrial wiring, electricity is mainly used in the generation of goods and their maintenance. The loads used are bulk consumers.

Types of electrical wiring systems

There are four basic types of electrical wiring systems. They are as follows

  1. Cleat wiring system
  2. Batten wiring system
  3. Conduit wiring system
  4. Casing and capping wiring system

Cleat wiring system

This type of wiring includes plastic and wooden cleats which are fixed to the walls and the ceilings of the building. The use of cleats provides support to the cables. PVC or TCR insulated cables or wires are used in cleat wiring. It is the most suitable and effective wiring for temporary installations. This method is not widely used nowadays.

You can read more about cleat wiring system here.

Batten wiring system

The use of wooden batten is done in this wiring type of wiring. Groups of cables are used to lay on the batten in a straight manner. To fix them up on the batten, the buckle clips are used. The installation in the vertical and horizontal direction is different from each other. This wiring is a durable and strong wiring system.

You can read more about batten wiring system here.

Conduit wiring system

A conduit is simply a tube or a channel. When the PVC insulated wires are put in a conduit and fixed on the wall or ceiling, then the wiring is called conduit wiring system. It is a safe wiring system as the wires and cables are covered with the conduits and this provides less chance of accidents due to leakage of electricity. From residential buildings to industries, conduit wiring system can be used.

You can read more about conduit wiring system here.

Casing and capping wiring system

In the casing and capping wiring system, plastic, wooden or metallic casing is provided to the wires. This casing has two layers: the bottom layer is fixed to the wall or the ceiling and the top layer is fixed to it. The wires are inserted in between them. Capping is provided to the wires and this wiring system gives a beautiful look to the walls.

You can read more about casing and capping wiring system here.

Comparison among types of electrical wiring system

The comparison among the types of the electrical wiring system is tabulated below.

Specification Cleat Wiring Conduit Wiring Batten Wiring Casing and Capping Wiring
Installation cost Cheap Costly Cheap Cost-effective
Installation process Easy Complex Simple and also easy Easy and quick
Materials required Less and basic material more and expensive material Less material required Basic material
Installation time Quick More Less Quick
Durability Less durable Durable Durable and efficient Durable and long-lasting
Strength Good for a short duration Good Good in low voltage usage Good
Looks Not good Gives a good look Beautiful, but beauty decreases after repairing Good
Maintenance Easy Easy and simple Easy and Simple Easy but repairing is expensive
Fault detection Easy Not easy Easy Not easy
Flexibility Flexibility is not known Flexible Medium Some of its types are flexible
Application suitable and efficient in temporary usage Garage wiring, service feeder installation, commercial buildings. Offices, Indoor wiring Household wiring, offices, homes, low voltage devices


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