Electrical Laws MCQs

1. The Biot-Savart’s law is a general modification of

A. Kirchhoff’s Law

B. Lenz’s Law

C. Ampere’s Law

D. Faraday’s Law

Answer. c

2. Faraday’s laws and Fleming’s rules are associated with

A. Optical Fibre communication

B. Electromagnetic induction

C. Generation of nuclear energy

D. Static electricity only

Answer. b

3. The emf induced in a coil is given by e=–N.dΦ/dt
where e is the emf induced, N is the number of turns and dΦ is the instantaneous flux linkage with the coil with time dt.

The negative sign in the expression is due to

A. Hans Christian Oersted

B. Andre Marie Ampere

C. Michale Faraday

D. Emil Lenz

Answer. d

4. In Fleming’s Left-hand rule, Thumb always represent direction of

A. current flow

B. induced emf

C. magnetic field

D. mechanical force

Answer. d

5. According to KCL as applied to a junction in a network of conductors

A. total sum of currents meeting at the junction is zero

B. no current can leave the junction without some current entering it

C. net current flow at the junction is positive

D. algebraic sum of the currents meeting at the junction is zero

Answer. d

6. Kirchoff’s Law states that sum of ____________ at a point in the circuit is Zero.

A. Potential

B. Charge

C. Current

D. Capacitance

Answer. c

7. “The direction of an induced emf is such that it will always oppose the change that is causing” This law is called as

A. Kirchoff’s Laws

B. Lenz’s Law

C. Faraday’s Law

D. None

Answer. b

8. Kirchoff’s second law is based on law of conservation of

A. charge

B. energy

C. momentum

D. mass

Answer. b

9. Whenever a conductor cuts a magnetic flux, an EMF is induced into the conductor. Which law states this?

A. Faraday’s law

B. Lenz’s law

C. Coulomb’s law

D. Fleming’s law

Answer. a

10. The sum of all voltages around a loop is equal to zero. Which law states this?

A. Kirchoff’s Fourth Law

B. Kirchoff’s Third Law

C. Kirchoff’s First Law

D. Kirchoff’s Second Law

Answer. d