Magnetic Circuit MCQs

1. The unit of reluctance is

a. metre/henry
b. 1/henry
c. henry
d. henry/metre

Answer. b

2. While comparing magnetic and electric circuits, the flux of magnetic circuit is compared with which parameter of electrical circuit?

a. current
b. EMF
c. conductivity
d. current density

Answer. a

3. The reciprocal of reluctance is

a. susceptibility
b. permeability
c. permeance
d. reluctivity

Answer. c

4. While comparing magnetic and electric circuits, the permeance of magnetic circuit is analogous to which parameter of electrical circuit?

a. inductance
b. flux
c. susceptibility
d. conductance

Answer. d

5. An air gap is usually inserted in magnetic circuits to

a. prevent saturation
b. increase mmf
c. increase the flux
d. None

Answer. a

6. The property of a material which opposes the creation of magnetic flux in it is known as

  1. permeance
  2. mmf
  3. reluctance
  4. susceptibility

Answer. c

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