Electrical Wiring MCQ

1. Which type of lamp holder from the following is fitted directly on the wooden board?

  1. Pendent holder
  2. Angle holder
  3. Bracket holder
  4. Batten holder
Answer. d

2. The type of wiring that is highly suitable for a temporary shed is

  1. Cleat wiring
  2. Wooden capping and casing wiring
  3. Lead sheathed wiring
  4. Conduit wiring
Answer. a

3. For painful shock, what is the range of electric shock current at 50Hz?

  1. 3-5 mA
  2. 5-10 mA
  3. 0-3 mA
  4. 0-1 mA
Answer. b

4. The alluminium conductor of size ________ is used for a subcircuit in domestic wiring.

  1. \frac{1}{1.8} mm
  2. \frac{1}{2.24} mm
  3. \frac{1}{1.4} mm
  4. \frac{1}{1.2} mm
Answer. c

5. For cleat wiring and 250 volts supply, the cables will be placed ______ apart centre to centre for single-core cables.

  1. 4.5 cm
  2. 2.5 cm
  3. 3 cm
  4. 4 cm
Answer. b

6. The rated voltage of a 3-phase power system is given as

  1. peak phase voltage
  2. rms line to line voltage
  3. peak line to line voltage
  4. rms phase voltage
Answer. b

7. As per IE rules the permissible variation of voltage at the consumer end is

  1. ± 12 %
  2. ± 2 %
  3. ± 6 %
  4. ± 10 %
Answer. c

8. Which insulation is most widely used for covering wires/cables used in internal wiring?

  1. Paper
  2. Wood
  3. Glass
  4. PVC
Answer. d

9. Supplier’s fuse, which is provided in domestic wiring system is

  1. After the energy meter
  2. Before the energy meter
  3. Before the distribution board
  4. After the main switch
Answer. a

10. In a 3-pin plug

  1. All the three pins are of the same size
  2. Two pins are of the same size but third one is thicker
  3. Two pins are of the same size but third one is thicker and longer
  4. All the three pins are of different sizes
Answer. c

11. In which type of wiring vulcanized Indian rubber (VIR) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulated wires are used as conductors

  1. CTS wiring
  2. Cleat wiring
  3. Lead sheathed wiring
  4. Conduit wiring
Answer. b

12. One among the following is the topmost conductors in high voltage transmission lines, identify it.

  1. R-phase conductor
  2. Y-phase  conductor
  3. B-phase conductor
  4. Earth conductor
Answer. d

13. In the case of electric fire, use

  1. CO2
  2. N2S
  3. SO2
  4. Cl2
Answer. a

14. As per the recommendation of ISI the maximum number of points of light, fans, and socked that can be connected in one subcircuit is

  1. 8
  2. 10
  3. 15
  4. 20
Answer. b

15. The loop earth wire used shall not be of a size less than

  1. 8 SWG
  2. 10 SWG
  3. 20 SWG
  4. 14 SWG (2.9 mm2) or half of the size of the sub-circuit wire
Answer. d

16. Which of the following wiring is preferred for workshop lighting?

  1. Casing-capping wiring
  2. Batten wiring
  3. Concealed conduit wiring
  4. Surface conduit wiring
Answer. c

17. Highly skilled labour is required in

  1. TRS wiring
  2. Conduit wiring
  3. Casing-capping wiring
  4. Both conduit and casing-capping wiring
Answer. d

18. As per the recommendation of ISI the maximum load that can be connected in one sub-circuit is

  1. 800 Watts
  2. 1000 Watts
  3. 1600 Watts
  4. 500 Watts
Answer. a

19. What is the maximum load that is permitted in a power circuit?

  1. 5000 Watts
  2. 3000 Watts
  3. 2000 Watts
  4. 10000 Watts
Answer. b

20. How many outlets are permitted in a power circuit?

  1. 10 points
  2. 5 points
  3. 2 points
  4. 1 point
Answer. c

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