Gas Turbine Power Plant MCQ

1. A gas turbine power plant is best suited for

  1. base load
  2. peak load
  3. emergency purpose
  4. None of the above
Answer. b

2. Which is the negative grid voltage for a given plate potential at which ionization of the gas starts?

  1. Grid baffles
  2. Control grid
  3. Thyratron
  4. Critical grid voltage
Answer. d

3. Compressor used in gas turbines is

  1. Reciprocating compressor
  2. Plunger type compressor
  3. Screw compressor
  4. Multistage axial flow compressor
Answer. d

4. Capital cost of a gas turbine plant is _____ than that of a steam power plant of the same capacity.

  1. Less
  2. Same
  3. Irrelevant
  4. More
Answer. b

5. Working fluid in a gas turbine plant is generally compressed in ______ compressor.

  1. reciprocating, single-stage
  2. reciprocating, multi-stage
  3. rotary, single-stage
  4. rotary, multi-stage
Answer. d

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