Digital Instruments MCQs

1. A quantity having discrete numerical values is

  1. an analog quantity
  2. a digital quantity
  3. a binary quantity
  4. a natural quantity

Answer. b

2. The term bit means

  1. a small amount of data
  2. a 1 or a 0
  3. binary digit
  4. both answers (b) and (c)

Answer. c

3. The time interval between the 50% points on the rising and falling edges is

  1. rise time
  2. fall time
  3. pulse width
  4. period

Answer. a

4. A pulse in a certain waveform has a frequency of 50 Hz. It repeats itself every

  1. 1 ms
  2. 20 ms
  3. 50 ms
  4. 100 ms

Answer. b

5. In a certain digital waveform, the period is four times the pulse width. The duty cycle is

  1. 25%
  2. 50%
  3. 75%
  4. 100%

Answer. a

6. An inverter

  1. performs the NOT operation
  2. changes a HIGH to a LOW
  3. changes a LOW to a HIGH
  4. does all of the above

Answer. d

7. The output of an OR gate is LOW when

  1. any input is HIGH
  2. all inputs are HIGH
  3. no inputs are HIGH
  4. Both (a) and (b)

Answer. b

8. The output of an AND gate is LOW when

  1. any input is LOW
  2. all inputs are HIGH
  3. no inputs are HIGH
  4. both (a) and (c)

Answer. a

9. The device used to convert a binary number to a 7-segment display format is the

  1. multiplexer
  2. encoder
  3. decoder
  4. register

Answer. d

10. An example of a data storage device is

  1. the logic gate
  2. the flip-flop
  3. the comparator
  4. the register
  5. both answers (b) and (d)

Answer. c

11. VHDL is a

  1. logic device
  2. PLD programming language
  3. computer language
  4. very high density logic

Answer. c

12. A CPLD is a

  1. controlled program logic device
  2. complex programmable logic driver
  3. complex programmable logic device
  4. central processing logic device

Answer. a

13. An FPGA is a

  1. field-programmable gate array
  2. fast programmable gate array
  3. field-programmable generic array
  4. flash process gate application

Answer. d

14. A fixed-function IC package containing four AND gates is an example of

  1. MSI
  2. SMT
  3. SOIC
  4. SSI

Answer. d

15. An LSI device has a circuit complexity of from

  1. 10 to 100 equivalent gates
  2. more than 100 to 10,000 equivalent gates
  3. 2000 to 5000 equivalent gates
  4. more than 10,000 to 100,000 equivalent gates

Answer. b

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