Chain Drive MCQ

1. Chain drive is used for

  1. Short distance
  2. Medium distance
  3. Medium diameter of socket
  4. Dia is not considered
Answer. a

2. Which of the following causes the variation in chain speed?

  1. Chordal action
  2. Creep
  3. Slip
  4. Backlash
Answer. a

3. Which of the following drives permit high velocity ratio?

  1. Chain drives
  2. Rope drives
  3. Pulleys
  4. Belt drives
Answer. a

4. For transmitting power without slip, drive used is

  1. Rope drive
  2. Belt drive
  3. Cone drive
  4. Chain drive
Answer. d

5. Which type of chain is used in motor cycle?

  1. Bush roller
  2. Silent
  3. Pintle
  4. Ewast
Answer. a

6. The rollers of cycle chain are subjected to following type of stress

  1. compressive
  2. tensile
  3. fatigue
  4. bending
Answer. c

7. Which of the following drives is used for a constant velocity ratio, positive drive with large centre distance between drive and driven shaft?

  1. Gear drive
  2. V-belt drive
  3. Flat belt drive
  4. Chain drive
Answer. d

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