Flyback Transformer – Working, Advantages and Applications

Flyback Transformers are electrical transformers that produce high voltage signals and strong boosting capacity at a high frequency. They can be operated over a range of input voltage & load conditions. Also known as coupled inductors, they provide circuit isolation and encourage both positive or negative output voltages. Usually, these transformers are designed as voltage … Read more

Difference between Current transformer and Potential transformer

Current transformer and Potential transformer are the types of instrument transformer. An instrument transformer is a special type of transformer that is used in the measurement of high voltage and high current, not allowing measuring instruments to come in direct contact with high voltage circuits. Potential transformer is also known as voltage transformer. In this … Read more

What is Power Transformer? Diagram and Rating

A power transformer is one of the types of transformer. The basic function of this transformer is to transfer electrical energy from one voltage level to another voltage level without changing the frequency. These transformers are used at specific locations in power systems. In this article, we will see the basic characteristics of a power … Read more

What is Distribution Transformer? Parts, Types and Rating

A distribution transformer is one of the types of transformer. They are used only for distribution purposes. These transformers can be easily seen in your localities. The distribution transformers (generally pole mounted) are those installed in the location to provide utilization voltage at the consumer terminals. The secondary of a distribution transformer is connected directly … Read more

What is Transformer Efficiency? Transformer Efficiency vs load Curve

The performance of a transformer can be determined with the help of two important performance indicators i.e. transformer efficiency and transformer voltage regulation. In this article, we will see what is transformer efficiency. We will also derive the condition of maximum efficiency. Transformer Efficiency Definition The efficiency of a transformer is defined as the ratio … Read more