Transformer Rating

A transformer is a commonly used device used to step up or step down voltages in the transmission and distribution of electricity. The transformer rating is decided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer put a name plate on a transformer. This name plate has voltage rating, current rating, VA rating, and frequency rating written on it. … Read more

How to Test a Transformer?

A transformer is an important transmission unit as part of a strong and complex power system that supplies electricity to a large number of industrial and domestic energy consumers. Such a unit must be reliable and serviceable for a long time so that there is no deficiency in the useful work of industrial users, and … Read more

Dot Convention in Transformer

The Dot convention is a type of polarity marking for transformer windings which describes the phase relationships in the transformer schematic diagrams. In this, the dots are mentioned on the primary and secondary windings of the transformer. By convention, the dot represents the positive polarity. Before we learn dot convention in transformer, first see the … Read more

Difference Between Core type and Shell type transformer

The difference between Core type and Shell type transformer is given as below S.No. Core type Transformer Shell type transformer 1. It requires less iron. It requires more iron. 2. It requires more conducting material. It requires less conducting material. 3. It is used in low flux density applications. It is used in high flux density … Read more

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