Ionization Chamber | Working

The ionization chamber is used for detecting nuclear radiations. It is similar to Geiger Muller Tube as we discussed in the previous article. There is also another type of radiation detector i.e. scintillation counter that we have discussed in another article. The ionization chamber consists of a metal cylinder (acts as a cathode) sealed at … Read more

Magneto-Elastic | Magneto-Strictive Transducers

Magneto-Strictive Transducers A magneto-striction transducer is a device that is used to convert mechanical energy into magnetic energy and vice versa. A change in mechanical stress of a ferromagnetic material causes its permeability to change. This phenomenon is called as Joule effect. The reverse process of Joule effect is called as magneto-striction or Villari effect. … Read more

Voltage Telemetry System – Advantages & Applications

A voltage telemetry system transmits the measured variable as a function of AC or DC voltage. A slide wire potentiometer is connected in series with the battery. The signal transmitting medium is essentially a copper wireline. A voltage telemetry system is shown in Fig. 1.   The sliding contact is positioned by a pressure sensitive, … Read more

Magnetostriction & Villari Effect

Magnetostriction When a material (magnetic material) is magnetised, changes in dimension are generally observed.  This property of a magnetic material is called magnetostriction. There are three types of Magnetostriction Longitudinal Transverse Volume 1. Longitudinal Magnetostriction When a change in the dimension is in the direction of applied field. 2. Transverse Magnetostriction When a change in the dimension is perpendicular … Read more

Resolvers Working Principle & Applications

Resolver source:   Resolver is a synchro whose rotor is mechanically driven to translate rotor angle into electrical information corresponding to the sine and cosine of rotor angle. It can interchange rectangular and polar coordinates. It is also called a sine-cosine generator and synchro-resolver.   It is an analog device. A resolver is a … Read more