NOT Gate | Symbol, Truth table & Realization

The NOT gate is a device which has only one input and one output. It is a logical gate which inverts the input digital signal. That is why NOT gate is also known as Inverter. In Boolean algebra, the term NOT is represented by bar symbol (‾) and the Boolean expression indicates that Y equals not … Read moreNOT Gate | Symbol, Truth table & Realization

Photoelectric Cell | Types & Applications

Photoelectric cell is the device which converts light energy into electrical energy. Depending upon the different photoelectric effects employed, the photoelectric cells are of following 3 types. Photoemissive cell Photoconductive cell Photovoltaic cell Photoemissive cell This cell is based on the fact that electrons are emitted from a photo-sensitive surface by the action of light. … Read morePhotoelectric Cell | Types & Applications

Radioactivity | Definition, Types & Uses

Radioactivity Definition The phenomenon of spontaneous emission of radiations by heavy elements is called radioactivity. The elements which show this phenomenon is called radioactive elements. Radioactivity was discovered accidentally by Antoine Henri Becquerel in 1896. α-particle: It is called as alpha particle. It is a helium nucleus having two protons and two neutrons ( ). β-particle: It … Read moreRadioactivity | Definition, Types & Uses

Electric Charge | Types, Properties & Charging Methods

Electric charge is a fundamental property of matter due to which electrical and other related effects are produced in the matter. The transfer of electrons from one object to another is responsible for the electric charging of the objects. Or Electric charge is the physical property of matter that causes it to experience a force … Read moreElectric Charge | Types, Properties & Charging Methods

Classification of Electrical Energy Sources


Electrical energy sources are majorly classified into two classes i.e. Independent sources and Dependent sources. The independent sources are further divided into two types namely voltage source and the current source. There are four types of the dependent sources. They are as follows 1. Voltage Controlled Voltage Source (VCVS) 2. Voltage Controlled Current Source (VCCS) 3. … Read moreClassification of Electrical Energy Sources

Atomic Structure | Constituents of an Atom

Every solid, liquid, gas, and plasma is composed of neutral or ionized atoms. Atoms are extremely small; typical sizes are around 100 picometers. Atom The smallest particle of an element is called an atom. An atom can take part in chemical combination and does not occur free in nature. The atom of the hydrogen is … Read moreAtomic Structure | Constituents of an Atom

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