List of Greek Letters in LaTeX

Integrating Greek letters into your LaTeX documents is essential for various academic and scientific fields. Whether you’re writing a research paper, a thesis, or a technical report, the need to use Greek letters frequently arises. Understanding how to incorporate these symbols seamlessly into your LaTeX documents is crucial for accurately conveying scientific and mathematical concepts. This comprehensive guide will provide you with a detailed list of Greek letters in LaTeX, along with the corresponding commands, enabling you to effortlessly incorporate these symbols into your documents.

Greek Letters in LaTeX

Greek letters are commonly used in mathematical expressions, equations, and scientific notations. Here’s a table of Greek letters along with their LaTeX commands.

Greek Letter NameSymbolLaTeX Command
Alpha (Lowercase)α\alpha
Alpha (Uppercase)ΑA
Beta (Lowercase)β\beta
Beta (Uppercase)ΒB
Gamma (Lowercase)γ\gamma
Gamma (Uppercase)Γ\Gamma
Delta (Lowercase)δ\delta
Delta (Uppercase)Δ\Delta
Epsilon (Lowercase)ϵ\epsilon
Epsilon (Uppercase)EE
Zeta (Lowercase)ζ\zeta
Zeta (Uppercase)Z\Zeta
Eta (Lowercase)η\eta
Eta (Uppercase)Η\Eta
Theta (Lowercase)θ\theta
Theta (Uppercase)Θ\Theta
Iota (Lowercase)ι\iota
Iota (Uppercase)I\Iota
Kappa (Lowercase)κ\kappa
Kappa (Uppercase)Κ\Kappa
Lambda (Lowercase)λ\lambda
Lambda (Uppercase)Λ\Lambda
Mu (Lowercase)μ\mu
Mu (Uppercase)M\Mu
Nu (Lowercase)ν\nu
Nu (Uppercase)N\Nu
Xi (Lowercase)ξ\xi
Xi (Uppercase)Ξ\Xi
Omicron (Lowercase)οo
Omicron (Uppercase)ΟO
Rho (Lowercase)ρ\rho
Varrho (Lowercase)ϱ\varrho
Rho (Uppercase)P\Rho
Sigma (Lowercase)σ\sigma
Varsigma (Lowercase)ς\varsigma
Sigma (Uppercase)Σ\Sigma
Tau (Lowercase)τ\tau
Tau (Uppercase)Τ\Tau
Upsilon (Lowercase)υ\upsilon
Upsilon (Uppercase)Υ\Upsilon
Phi (Lowercase)φ\phi
Varphi (Lowercase)φ\varphi
Phi (Uppercase)Φ\Phi
Chi (Lowercase)χ\chi
Chi (Uppercase)Χ\Chi
Psi (Lowercase)ψ\psi
Psi (Uppercase)Ψ\Psi
Omega (Lowercase)ω\omega
Omega (Uppercase)Ω\Omega
Pi (Lowercase)π\pi
Pi (Uppercase)Π\Pi

Note that Greek letters are typically used in math mode, denoted by the dollar signs $$ or \[\] for displayed equations.

Now, let’s look at examples of using these commands in a LaTeX document.



The Greek letter $\alpha$ is often used to denote angles.

The expression $\beta = \sqrt{\gamma}$ involves the Greek letter beta.

The wave function in quantum mechanics is often denoted by $\psi$.



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