Difference between Multiplexer and Demultiplexer

Digital electronics consists of combinational circuits and sequential circuits. Combinational circuit elements are the ones whose output depends on the present inputs and do not depend on the past inputs. Logic gates, decoder, encoder, etc. are examples of the combinational circuit element. Here, we are going to discuss two of such circuit elements. Multiplexer and … Read more

Difference between Relay and Contactor

There is a lot of confusions and misinterpretations regarding the difference between relay and contactor around the industry as they are two closely related terms. Many times these two terms are used nearly interchangeably. Both of them are electrically operated switches and mainly used for control and switching of loads. Although the basic principle of … Read more

Difference Between Low Pass Filter and High Pass Filter

Filters are a special type of circuit that lets signals having a frequency within a specific range pass through it. The frequency range can have a lower cut-off frequency and no upper cut-off frequency or an upper cut-off frequency and no lower cut-off frequency or both upper cut-off and lower cut-off frequency. Filters can also … Read more

Difference between Analog and Digital Communication

Depending on the type of signals used to transmit data or information, the communication system can be divided into two categories – analog communication system and digital communication system. In this article, we are going to discuss what is the difference between analog and digital communication systems. Difference between Analog and Digital Communication in tabular … Read more

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