Beat Frequency Oscillator | Working & Limitations

Beat Frequency Oscillator is a type of oscillator used to obtain variable frequency output in the audio frequency range. The basic working of this type of oscillator is as follows. Working Principle Figure 1 shows a block diagram of beat frequency oscillator (BFO). It uses two Radio frequency (RF) oscillators. One is fixed frequency oscillator … Read moreBeat Frequency Oscillator | Working & Limitations

Substation | Questions & Answers

Q. What are different insulators employed in substations? Answer. Some of the insulators employed in substations are: Pin insulators Post insulators Strain insulators Suspension insulators Hallow apparatus insulators Dead-end insulators Solid core insulators Q. What is creepage distance? Answer. Creepage distance is the shortest distance between two conducting points along the surface of the insulating material. Q. What … Read moreSubstation | Questions & Answers

Conductors | Questions & Answers

Q. What are the Differences between Solid Conductor and Stranded Conductor? Answer. Solid Conductor It consists of a single piece of metal wire. It is cheap for manufacturing. Skin effect is higher in solid conductors as at higher frequencies current flow on the surface of the conductors results in the increase in the effective resistance. The … Read moreConductors | Questions & Answers

Telemetry System | Questions & Answers

Q. Is modulation required in telemetry? If so why? Answer. Yes, modulation is required in telemetry. It is because the data available is in the form of current or voltage which is usually very weak for such transmission. Q. What is multiplexing in telemetry system? Answer. Transmission of two or more messages at the same time over … Read moreTelemetry System | Questions & Answers

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