Cavitation MCQ – Fluid Mechanics

1. Cavitation is caused by

  1. low velocity
  2. low pressure
  3. high velocity
  4. high pressure
  5. all of the above options
Answer. b

2. Cavitation is caused by

  1. impurities
  2. environment changes
  3. high pressure
  4. high vacuum
Answer. d

3. Cavitation in fluid flow occurs when

  1. the total energy suddenly increases
  2. total energy decreases suddenly
  3. velocity head reduces to zero
  4. pressure of flow decreases to a value close to its vapour pressure
Answer. d

4. Cavitation occurs in a pipe flow when

  1. the pressure becomes negative
  2. the pressure is very high
  3. the pressure is equal to vapour pressure
  4. the fluid in the pipe is a gas
Answer. c

5. If cavitation parameter is zero

  1. Boiling should occur
  2. Boiling should not occur
  3. Boiling is no connected with cavitation parameter
  4. Depends upon vapour pressure
Answer. a

6. Undesirable effects caused by cavitation is

  1. lowered efficiency
  2. damage to flow passages
  3. noise and vibrations
  4. all of the above
Answer. d

7. The cavitation and pitting can be prevented by creating which one of the following conditions?

  1. Reducing the pressure head
  2. Reducing the velocity head
  3. Increasing the elevation head
  4. Reducing the piezometric head
Answer. b

8. In cavitation, the collapse pressure of vapour bubbles is

  1. Less than atmospheric pressure
  2. Equal to atmospheric pressure
  3. 13.6 atmospheres
  4. 13600 atmospheres
Answer. a

9. In any venturimeter carrying a liquid at sufficiently high discharges, cavitation condition can occur at the throat. This occurs due to pressure at the throat reaching a critical value controlled by

  1. viscosity of the fluid
  2. eddy viscosity of the flow
  3. volumetric bulk modulus of the fluid
  4. surface tension of the fluid
  5. room temperature
Answer. d

10. Cavitațion is observed at locations in pipe flow where

  1. pressure falls below atmospheric pressure.
  2. pressure rises beyond the pipes strength.
  3. shear stress exceeds the shear strength of pipe material.
  4. pressure falls below the vapour pressure of liquid.
Answer. d