Railway Signaling MCQ

1. In a shunting signal, if the red band is inclined at 45°, it indicates

  1. proceed cautiously
  2. stop
  3. do not stop
  4. none of these
Answer. a

2. When semaphore and Warner signals are installed on the same post, then the stop indication is given when

  1. Semaphore arm is lowered but Warner arm is horizontal
  2. Both semaphore and Warner arms are lowered
  3. Both the arms are horizontal
  4. None of the above
Answer. c

3. The height of a semaphore signal above the ground is

  1. 6.5 m
  2. 5.5 m
  3. 8.5 m
  4. 7.5 m
Answer. d

4. In railways, the disc signals are provided for the purpose of

  1. dead slow movement
  2. indicating busy platform
  3. possible danger ahead
  4. shunting
Answer. d

5. The reception signal is

  1. outer signal only
  2. starter only
  3. neither (outer signal) nor (starter)
  4. both (outer signal) and (starter)
Answer. d

6. Shunting signals are known as

  1. Routing signals
  2. Starter signals
  3. Ground signals
  4. Warner signals
Answer. c

7. The reception signal is

  1. advanced starter only
  2. starter only
  3. both advanced stater and Starter
  4. none of the other options provided
Answer. d

8. A treadle bar is used for

  1. interlocking point and signal
  2. setting points and crossings
  3. setting marshalling yard signals
  4. track maintenance
Answer. a

9. In railways the signal that also acts as a routing signal is

  1. home signal
  2. advance starter signal
  3. outer signal
  4. starter signal
Answer. a

10. Semaphore-type signals are used when the maintenance or repair work is more than

  1. 1 week
  2. 4 days
  3. 3 days
  4. 2 days
Answer. c

11. The stations which do not have any signal are known as

  1. A-class stations
  2. B-class stations
  3. Crossing stations
  4. Terminal stations
Answer. c

12. When the driver does not obey signal, in which system there are arrangements to display stop signals automatically in advance and also to bring the train to a stop?

  1. Absolute Block
  2. Automatic Block
  3. Centralized Traffic Control
  4. Automatic Train Control
Answer. c

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