Barometer MCQ

1. A barometer is used to measure

  1. very low pressure
  2. very high pressure
  3. pressure difference between two points
  4. atmospheric pressure
Answer. d

2. Mercury is used in barometers because

  1. it is a perfect liquid
  2. its volume changes uniformly with temperature
  3. it is a liquid metal
  4. it gives less height of column for high pressure
Answer. d

3. Local atmospheric pressure is measured using

  1. Hygrometer
  2. Hydrometer
  3. Barometer
  4. Thermometer
Answer. c

4. When the barometer reads 740.0 mm of mercury, a pressure of 10 kPa suction at that location is equivalent to

  1. 10.2 m of water (abs)
  2. 9.87 m of water (abs)
  3. 88.72 kPa (abs)
  4. 0.043 kPa (abs)
Answer. c

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