Road Construction Equipment MCQ – Highway Engineering

1. Physical life of an equipment is defined as

  1. age at which the equipment is worn out and it can no longer reliably produce
  2. the life over which the equipment can earn a profit
  3. time period that maximizes the profit over the equipment life
  4. age at which depreciation cost exceeds the purchase cost
Answer. a

2. Among the following excavators, the most suitable excavator for dredging purposes will be

  1. front shovel
  2. back hoe
  3. dragline
  4. scraper
Answer. c

3. Downtime of an equipment is

  1. the time when equipment shall have to be returned to the owner due to expiry of its lease period
  2. the period of time when equipment is idle for want of work
  3. the period of time that the equipment fails to provide or perform its primary function
  4. the time when contractor has to do the down payment before taking equipment on rent
Answer. c

4. Vibrating compactor is ideally suited for

  1. Manual towing and compacting any type of soil with varying moisture content
  2. Compacting fly ash masses with any moisture content
  3. Compacting cohesion less granular material with any moisture content
  4. Compacting all fine grained materials having adequate moisture content
Answer. c

5. A process of transporting material from one place to another over a stationary structure in a continuous stream is known as

  1. Transporting
  2. Hauling
  3. Conveying
  4. Hoisting
Answer. c

6. Which of the following crushers is primarily used for shaping the aggregates?

  1. Jaw crusher
  2. Vertical shaft impactor
  3. Cone crusher
  4. Jaw crusher and cone crusher together
Answer. b

7. Which of the following surfaces will give highest coefficient of fraction while using crawler track tractors?

  1. Earth
  2. Ice
  3. Concrete
  4. Loose sand
Answer. a

8. Consider the following statements regarding vibratory rollers:

  1. Vibratory rollers are used for compacting granular sols and pavement layer with granular materials.
  2. Vibratory rollers are used for compacting non-plastic silts and fine sands.
  3. In vibratory rollers, compaction is effected due to both the dynamic effect of the vibratory force and also the static weight of the roller

Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?

  1. i and iii
  2. i and ii
  3. ii and iii
  4. i only
Answer. a