Airport Engineering MCQ

1. Which one of the following statement is correct regarding Journal friction?

  1. Caused due to the wave action of rails
  2. The amount does not depend upon the type of bearing
  3. For roller bearings, it varies from 0.5 to 1.0 kg per tonne
  4. For coupled boxes, it lubricates by hard grease from 0.5 kg to 1.0 kg per tonne
Answer. c

2. Which one of the following instances of performance of aircraft is not considered for determining basic runway length?

  1. Normal landing case
  2. Normal take-off case
  3. Engine failure case
  4. Emergency landing case
Answer. d

3. The orientation of preferential runway in an airport is influenced by

  1. Direction of prevailing wind, adequate length, obstruction-free landing, and take-off zone
  2. Adequate waiting and service facilities
  3. Convenience of terminal and control facilities
  4. Stable ground and adequate turning space
Answer. a

4. The monthly mean of maximum daily temperature and monthly mean of average daily temperature of the hottest month of the year are 49°C and 40°C respectively. Then airport reference temperature is

  1. 69.6°C
  2. 43°C
  3. 52°C
  4. 37°C
Answer. b

5. Runway length required under standard condition is 1500m. The actual elevation of the site is 1100m above M.S.L. Runway length corrected for altitude will be

  1. 1115 m
  2. 1678 m
  3. 1885 m
  4. 2050 m
Answer. c

6. Wind Rose is used for

  1. construction of taxiway
  2. orientation of runway
  3. orientation of taxiway
  4. orientation of terminal building
Answer. b

7. Wind-rose diagram is useful in deciding on the orientation of

  1. Taxiway
  2. Hanger
  3. Runway
  4. Apron
Answer. c

8. Find airport reference temperature using mean Max. daily temperature 40°C and mean average daily temperature 22°C?

  1. 25°C
  2. 28°C
  3. 40°C
  4. 45°C
Answer. b

9. The construction and maintenance of airports in India is looked after by

  1. Airport Authority of India
  2. Ministry of Civil Aviation
  3. Indian Air force
  4. National Airports Authority
Answer. a

10. The Airport Authority of India (AAI) was formed in the year

  1. 1935
  2. 1955
  3. 1975
  4. 1995
Answer. d

11. The monthly mean of average daily temperature for the hottest month of the year is 30°C and the monthly mean of the maximum daily temperature for the same month of the year is 45°C, Find out the airport reference temperature?

  1. 35°C
  2. 25°C
  3. 45°C
  4. None of the above
Answer. a

12. The standards and laws for international flight are governed by

  1. IAO
  2. ICAO
  3. CAOD
  4. ICO
Answer. b

13. The place, where aircrafts wait for take-off is

  1. Ready apron
  2. Holding apron
  3. Hangar
  4. Reserved apron
Answer. b

14. Which system help the engine driver to observe visual signals and in case of his failure to do so, to reduce automatically speed and bring the train to stop?

  1. Absolute block
  2. Air traffic control
  3. One Engine only
  4. Pilot guard
Answer. b

15. Cruising speed of aircraft is

  1. speed of aircraft with respect to wind
  2. speed of aircraft with respect to ground
  3. speed of flight
  4. speed of pilot
Answer. b

16. The width of runway pavement for a runway of 1500 m length (Classified as Airport Type-B of ICAO) is

  1. 45 m
  2. 30 m
  3. 22.5 m
  4. 18 m
Answer. a

17. In normal landing conditions, the aircraft should come to stop within __________ percentage of the landing distance.

  1. 50
  2. 60
  3. 80
  4. 90
Answer. b

18. For airports serving big aircrafts, ICAO recommends the cross wind component should not exceed

  1. 25 kmph
  2. 35 kmph
  3. 15 kmph
  4. 23 kmph
Answer. b

19. Elevator

  1. controls pitching of aircraft
  2. controls yawing of aircraft
  3. is fixed on the wing
  4. controls rolling of aircraft
Answer. a

20. Which of the following decides the width of taxiway?

  1. Tail width
  2. Fuselage length
  3. Wheel base
  4. Wing span of aircraft
Answer. d