Imhoff Tank MCQ – Environmental Engineering

1. The unit in which both sedimentation and sludge digestion processes take place simultaneously is

  1. Imhoff Tank
  2. Skimming Tank
  3. Digestion Tank
  4. Detritus Tank
Answer. a

2. In designing Imhoff tanks, the usual retention period is

  1. 8 hours
  2. 2 hours
  3. 20 hours
  4. 14 hours
Answer. b

3. Which process occurs in an imhoff tank?

  1. sedimentation alone
  2. sedimentation as well as sludge digestion
  3. sludge digestion alone
  4. sewage aeration
Answer. b

4. The working conditions in Imhoff tanks are

  1. Aerobic only
  2. Anaerobic only
  3. Aerobic in lower and anaerobic in upper compartment
  4. Anacerobic in lower and aerobic in upper compartment
Answer. d

5. Imhoff cone is employed to determine

  1. volatile solids
  2. suspended solids
  3. filterable solids
  4. settleable solids
Answer. d

6. The sewage treatment units in which biological decomposition of organic matter takes place are called

  1. Sludge sedimentation tanks
  2. Trickling filters
  3. Imhoff tanks
  4. None of the above
Answer. c

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