Air Pollution MCQ – Environmental Engineering

81. Electrostatic precipitators are used for removal of

  1. Gaseous contaminants
  2. Liquid contaminants
  3. Particulate contaminants
  1. i only
  2. ii only
  3. iii only
  4. i, ii and iii
Answer. c

82. Consider the following statements with reference to bio-energy as a renewable energy source:

  1. Plants ensure continuous supply of gas due to their continuous growth
  2. Cost of obtaining energy from biogas is less than that from fossil fuels
  3. Digestion of sludge may produce H2S and NOx which are injurious to human health
  4. ‘Floating dome’ installation is the preferred option as it supplies gas at constant pressure irrespective quantity of gas produced

Which of the above statements are correct?

  1. i, ii and iv only
  2. i, ii and iii only
  3. i, iii and iv only
  4. ii, iii and iv only
Answer. a

83. Fanning type of plume behaviour takes place when

  1. Super-adiabatic lapse rate prevails with light to moderate wind speed
  2. Extreme inversion conditions exist in the presence of light wind
  3. There exists a strong super-adiabatic lapse rate above a surface of inversion
  4. Plume is caught between two inversion layers
Answer. b

84. A device used to control the emission of particulate pollutants smaller than 10 micron size, collection and disposal in dry form at low pressure drop is

  1. Baffle type separator
  2. Fabric filter
  3. Louver type separator
  4. Simple gravity settling chambers
Answer. b

85. Which of the following human organs is badly impacted with undesirable levels of Carbon monoxide in air?

  1. Ears
  2. Eyes
  3. Hair
  4. Heart
Answer. d

86. Which of the following is used in removing the dust particles from a gaseous medium using electrostatic forces?

  1. Cyclone scrubber
  2. Filter
  3. Electrostatic precipitator
  4. Dust collector
Answer. c

87. Which of the following does NOT cause depletion of ozone layer?

  1. H2SO4
  2. Methyl bromide
  3. HCFCs
  4. CFCs
Answer. a

88. The plume that occurs under strong wind velocity, when the lapse rate is near adiabatic condition (neutral), and the plume touches the ground at greater horizontal distance is

  1. 6 times
  2. 2 times
  3. 4 times
  4. 8 times
Answer. a

89. The major constituent gases produced from a land fill site are

  1. Carbon dioxide and methane
  2. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen
  3. Hydrogen sulphide and oxygen
  4. Ammonia and Hydrogen
Answer. a

90. Identify the one which is not an ozone layer depleting chemical?

  1. Hydrochloric acid
  2. Copper sulphate
  3. Carbon tetrachloride
  4. Methyl chloride
Answer. b
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