Air Pollution MCQ – Environmental Engineering

61. Carbon monoxide is having adverse health effect because

  1. It is carcinogenic in nature
  2. It causes loss of smelling sense
  3. It reduces O2 carrying capacity of blood
  4. It may cause conjunctivitis
Answer. c

62. During temperature inversion in the atmosphere air pollutant tend to

  1. accumulate below inversion layer
  2. accumulate above inversion layer
  3. disperse laterally
  4. dispose vertically
Answer. a

63. If Carbon monoxide is 1.3% in air, then which of the following may be caused?

  1. Death in less than 3 min
  2. Dizziness
  3. Frontal headache
  4. No effect
Answer. a

64. Which is a major constituent of photochemical smog?

  1. SO2
  2. NO2
  3. O3
  4. Hydrocarbon
Answer. b

65. Which of the following are formed from other chemical reaction in the pollutants by atmosphere and are not directly emitted as exhaust from power plants or internal combustion engines?

  1. CO2
  2. CO
  3. SO2
  4. PAN
Answer. d

66. Reinluft process is used for

  1. desulphurization of flue gases
  2. removing dust particle from the air
  3. decarbonation
  4. removing aerosols
Answer. a

67. What does the carbon monoxide in the air primarily affect?

  1. Hair
  2. Eyes
  3. Skin
  4. Heart
Answer. d

68. What is the agglomeration of carbon particles held together by the moisture which has become acidic through combination with SO3 called?

  1. Ozone
  2. Acid soot
  3. Carbon black
  4. Pollen
Answer. b

69. Bag filters are used for removing dust particles from

  1. wastewater
  2. fresh air
  3. waste gases
  4. water
Answer. d

70. Which one of the following plume behaviour occurs when atmospheric inversion begins from the ground level and continues?

  1. Looping
  2. Fumigation
  3. Coning
  4. Fanning
Answer. d