Bridge Engineering MCQ

31. To serve as mains laid on bridges, ideally suited pipes are

  1. cast iron pipes
  2. wrought iron pipes
  3. steel pipes
  4. cement concrete pipes
Answer. d

32. In design of bridge, wind and ________ loads shall not be considered to act simultaneously.

  1. longitudinal
  2. lateral
  3. seismic
  4. centrifugal
Answer. c

33. A bridge having its floor supported at the top of the superstructure is called

  1. through bridge
  2. deck bridge
  3. semi-through bridge
  4. skew bridge
Answer. b

34. The permissible stress for HYSD (Fe415) bars for the purpose of designing bridge deck as per IRC- 21:2000 is

  1. 200 MPa
  2. 230 MPa
  3. 240 MPa
  4. 0.87 × 415 MPa
Answer. a

35. The grip length below the maximum scour level for the railway bridges is usually

  1. 0.25 R
  2. 0.5 R
  3. R
  4. 2R
Answer. b

36. For bridge span less than 9m, RC Class AA and 70R loading of wheeled vehicle, the provision for Impact or Dynamic action (in percentage) is

  1. 25
  2. 20
  3. 12
  4. 10
Answer. a

37. Which of the following code is useful for bridge designing?

  1. IRC-6
  2. IS: 875, Part-I
  3. IS: 3370
  4. IRC-38
Answer. a

38. Which 0f the following class of prestressed concrete bridge attribute to allow flexural tensile stress without any visible cracking?

  1. Class-3
  2. Class-4
  3. Class-1
  4. Class-2
Answer. d

39. Long span bridge has length

  1. Between 60 m and 120 m
  2. Between 120 m and 160 m
  3. More than 120 m
  4. More than 600 m
Answer. c

40. Cables supporting roadway of a suspension bridge is designed to carry

  1. Point load
  2. Trapezoidal load
  3. Uniformly distributed load
  4. Load as per cable profile
Answer. c

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