Bridge Engineering MCQ

61. For long spans such as above 800m, which type of bridge is provided?

  1. Beam bridge
  2. Cantilever bridge
  3. Truss bridge
  4. Suspension bridge
Answer. d

62. Which of the following shall be considered while designing high level bridges for buoyancy effect?

  1. Full buoyancy for the superstructure
  2. Full buoyancy for the abutments
  3. Buoyancy forces due to submerged part of the substructure and foundation
  4. Partial buoyancy for superstructure
Answer. c

63. For high level bridges, the freeboard should not be less than

  1. 400 mm
  2. 200 mm
  3. 800 mm
  4. 600 mm
Answer. d

64. As per IRC specifications, the minimum cement content in concrete is _________ for major bridges.

  1. 340 kg/m3
  2. 350 kg/m3
  3. 360 kg/m3
  4. 370 kg/m3
Answer. c

65. As per the Indian road congress recommendation, the minimum grip length of well foundation is

  1. Ds/3, below the maximum scour level
  2. 2Ds/3, below the maximum scour level
  3. Ds/3, above the maximum scour level
  4. 2Ds/3, above the maximum scour level

where Ds is the depth of maximum scour level.

Answer. a

66. Roller bearings are used in bridges for the span of

  1. 12 to 18 m
  2. 18 to 24 m
  3. up to 6 m
  4. 6 to 12 m
Answer. b

67. For IRC class A and B loading, the impact factor, for R.C.C. bridges having spans more than 45 meters, is taken as

  1. 0.088
  2. 0.078
  3. 0.154
  4. 0.098
Answer. a

68. The type of loading to be considered while designing temporary bridges is

  1. IRC class AA
  2. IRC class A
  3. IRC class 70R
  4. IRC class B
Answer. d

69. For a bridge deck the most economical section shall be

  1. A double Tee section
  2. An I section
  3. Box section
  4. A channel section
Answer. c

70. IRC class-B loading is intended for the design of

  1. Temporary bridges
  2. Bridge in B class cities
  3. Box-girder bridges
  4. Suspension bridges
Answer. a

71. For designing railways bridges, the load considered are as per

  1. IRC class AA
  2. IRC class 70R
  3. EUDL as per bridges rules
  4. IRC class 70 R for designing and class AA for checking
Answer. d

72. For a bridge having span more than 150m, the recommended type of bridge is

  1. Riveted plate Girder
  2. Welded plate Girder Bridge
  3. Suspension Bridge
  4. Truss Girder Bridge
Answer. c