Bridge Engineering MCQ

51. For seismic consideration of bridge design, _________ code is to be used for knowing seismic zone of bridge site in India.

  1. I.S. : 456 – 2000
  2. I.S. : 1893 (Part 1) – 2002
  3. I.S. : 12269 – 2013
  4. I.S. : 875 – (Part 3) – 1987
Answer. b

52. Impact factor for R.C. bridges for class ‘A’ or class ‘B’ loading is ________, where, L = length of span in meter:

  1. (6)/(4.5L)
  2. (4.5)/(6+L)
  3. (9)/(13.5+L)
  4. (13.5)/(9+L)
Answer. b

53. The advantages of providing bearings in bridge is/are

  1. To absorb movement of girder
  2. To spread the load from the superstructure in such a manner that the bearing stress induced on the material is within the permissible limits.
  3. To take up vertical movement due sinking of supports
  1. i and ii
  2. Only ii
  3. i, ii and iii
  4. i and iii
Answer. c

54. Skew of bridge is the angle between

  1. centreline of water course/road and centreline of track
  2. centreline of water course and centreline of pier
  3. centreline of water course/road and normal centreline of track
  4. centreline of abutment to centreline of pier
Answer. c

55. Expansion bearing in bridge super structure permits

  1. Only rotation
  2. Only translation
  3. No movement
  4. Rotation and translation
Answer. d

56. A submersible bridge is designed

  1. to be moved to pass the ship
  2. to be temporary bridge
  3. to be submerged during high flood
  4. to create a storage upstream
Answer. c

57. The main forces in a suspension bridge of any type are _________ in the cables and _______ in the pillars.

  1. Tension, Compression
  2. Tension, Pull
  3. Compression, Tension
  4. Torsion, Compression
Answer. a

58. The most common countermeasure used to prevent scour at bridge abutments is

  1. Cut water
  2. Sand bags
  3. Turf
  4. Rip rap
Answer. d

59. For a bridge with large spans requiring deep foundations, the suitable type of foundation for piers is

  1. Well foundation
  2. Open foundation
  3. Grillage foundation
  4. Block foundation
Answer. a

60. Extradosed bridges combine the characteristics of

  1. Suspension bridge with cantilever
  2. Cable-stayed bridges with conventional box girder bridges
  3. Suspension bridge with cable stayed bridge
  4. Girder bridge with tall towers connecting cables
Answer. b

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